Core Exchange Process

The following information is provided to give you a better underst anding of the exchange core process.


  1. The core being returned is the same make and model that was purchased from The New Firewall Forward
  2. The configuration of the core returned shall be the same as the core purchased from The New Firewall Forward .
  3. All necessary documentation and data tags must accompany the core shipment to The New Firewall Forward .
  4. The core must be complete and in a serviceable condition.
  5. The engine or any components shall not be disassembled without prior written authorization from The New Firewall Forward .
  6. The New Firewall Forward reserves the right to accept or reject any core returned.
  7. Cores will be inspected in accordance with manufacturers’ overhaul specifications.
  8. The New Firewall Forward’s determination as to parts serviceability shall be final.
  9. Parts that do not pass inspection will be scrapped or returned to the customer at the customer’s expense.
  10. All parts and components that are noted in the respective manufacturer’s overhaul manual are required. If the parts and components are deemed unairworthy or missing, replacement of those items is subject to additional costs.
  11. The New Firewall Forward will not accept additional parts to replace unserviceable parts.
  12. Exchange cores become the property of The New Firewall Forward .


Core charges will be billed on all invoices for exchange units. Cores must be returned with freight prepaid, within thirty (30) days of your receipt of the exchange unit. A core return sheet is included with the packing slip when the exchange unit is shipped; please return the packaging slip with your core return. Credit will be issued for the core deposit, provided your core is returned and found to be economically repairable.