Here’s what customers have to say about us

Cessna Turbo 182
As the new owners of a older Cessna turbo 182 with a run out engine, we spent a while looking at different shops for the rebuild project.

Our first instinct was to use a local shop, so that we could check on the progress of the work. We met with and talk to quite a few places across Southern California. We also thought about doing an engine exchange and having our local shop install it.

Knowing that our plane sat for a long time before we bought it, we were worried about the gremlins they could be hiding in the project.

At the end of the day we selected Frank and Tom from The New Firewall Forward because of their expertise and their commitment to quality. We spent a lot of time on the phone with them talking through the details especially in light of the mixed reviews they’d had in the past.

Tom came and ferried the plane back to Colorado to their shop, and they did all the work. Originally the project was scheduled for 6 to 8 weeks, knowing that every project have some uncertainty. In the end it took 8 weeks plus another week to schedule time to get it the plane back to Los Angeles. We also ended up having to redo the exhaust system which was rusted out. Tom and Frank sent it out to the shop to get done at cost. We also had them install a JPI 900, which is been very helpful both for the break-in of the engine as well at the monitor overall performance.

First impressions were great ( and continue). Tom flew the plane out to our hangar, since we didn’t have time to go pick it up. Then he walked us through everything they did, the functioning of the JPI, and took us up for a couple test flights together. The engine looked like it was br and new, painted, all the cables and wires perfectly tied down.

We have flown about 120 hours since the New Firewall Forward rebuilt our engine. Compressions have been very strong across the board. Temps have been quite even (~50 degrees). Engine starts every time without any problems (thanks to the new starter they recommended and put in). We’ve called them a few times with questions and they’ve always been quick to answer. We had one problem with a bad wiring harness from JPI which was hard to troubleshoot. They worked with our local shop to figure out what was wrong and coordinate with JPI for a warranty replacement. The engine burns less than ½ quart every 25 hours (our conservative oil change interval).

The final bill was what they quoted us, plus the exhaust and a new ELT that we needed to install. Timeline was on par with the original estimates, despite some extra work.

We couldn’t be happier with the project, how it went, or how Frank and Tom took care of us.

Grumman Cheetah
I’d like to wish you and your team a great holiday and new year, and wish to thank you once again for such a great job on my Cheetah.

Yesterday, as I did two approaches in the fog to minimums into John Wayne and Montgomery Field, as well as a departure into practically zero conditions, it was comforting to know that on the other side of the throttle was an engine that me and my co-pilot felt comfortable about.

Everyone who has seen the engine compartment including my local mechanics have been favorable impressed by what they can visually see, how orderly all the new wiring is, and all the extras that make the firewall forward look so fresh.

I’m not only feeling the power on the ground during takeoff roll, but also in the initial climb as well. I’m keeping the power at 2500-2600 rpm during the cruise, watching the temps and breaking it in as advised. So far so good.

I appreciate all the additional time and effort you all put into my Cheetah, fixing and correcting some of the shabbiness in there, as well as all the extras you threw in.

I’m glad that we met at Oshkosh, and would certainly recommend The New Firewall Forward to anyone that asks. The Centri-Lube STC certainly go my attention, and that was a major selling point.

I was really happy about being able to drop off the plane for the overhaul, and then return 8 weeks later to fly away with the job all complete. Getting to Ft. Collins via DEN was easy. I saved so much in sales tax on this job, that I could have paid for airfare 4 more times at least.

I’m looking forward to 2000 and more happy flying hours, so thanks again for a great job and have a happy new year.