What makes The New Firewall Forward engine a superior choice for your next purchase?

We give you the option of OEM cylinder replacements, aftermarket cylinders, or cylinders overhauled by our own skilled certified craftsmen.  All of these cylinders come with full warranties and are installed with the same, great, care.

  • Crankcases are line-bored, stress relieved, and certified.

  • Cylinders are volumetrically balanced to ensure even power generation across all cylinders (equal displacements on each side of the crankshaft). The Result, more power and a smooth balanced engine.

  • New engine hoses and new (or, rebuilt) engine mounts (on most models).

  • All accessories are overhauled or replaced (with new), tested, and certified.

  • New baffle seals are installed (reinstating the proper engine-cooling airflow).

  • External hardware and brackets are cadmium plated to eliminate the possibility of future corrosion.

  • Engines are tested and monitored (on the aircraft or on our calibrated Dynamometer) for proper performance, smooth operation, horsepower, and torque.

  • The New Firewall Forward warranty leads the industry by covering the engine for 2 years (500 hours), and covers the individual parts used to TBO (pro-rated).